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Tanvi Bhatt

BrandCraft is the vision of Tanvi Bhatt, a globally acclaimed Brand Strategist who believes in the power of creating inimitable brand experiences that build an Iconic Brand Legacy for your company. Known for being a thought leader in the foray of Personal Branding in India, Tanvi personifies the power of passion in building legacies  which she beautifully imbibes in your heart as she inspires you to ‘Dream Beyond Boardrooms!’ As the Pioneer of Personal Branding in India, Tanvi empowers Leaders to become Thought Leaders, and Thought Leaders to become ICONS. Tanvi is the go-to speaker and authority on Personal Branding in India and has conducted keynotes and workshops across the world. Tanvi masters the Art of Branding, Strategy, Consultation, Imagination and most importantly Creation of legacies that will outlive you!

Dhwani Bhatt

Dhwani Bhatt is the Founder of Brandcraft- A boutique Brand Strategy & Design Consulting Company based in Bombay. An Oxford University Alumnus, Dhwani has an extraordinary command over Creative Content Strategy that helps Brands build unforgettable experiences for their communities both online & offline. With an ability to weave a captivating story, Dhwani ensures that every strategic content piece like branded content, press release, news snippet, case study, editorial story, speeches, newsletters or routine social media posts are well conceptualized; aptly written and enhanced with beautiful design aesthetics to capture the desired mind-share & heart-share of your target audience. She aspires to build a legacy of sharing unforgettable stories that will move the world.

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